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Director -  Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg has a very colour full snowmobile history. His interest in snowmobiling started in the early 70’s but not as an avid rider, but as a highly skilled and technical snowmobile racer for the Yamaha Motor Canada Team! Speeds on super fast ice ovals on special factory built, super light sleds, clicked close to 100 mph.


The highlight of his snowmobile race career was the winter of 1976 in Peterborough, Ontario, where he won every heat and final, in his first factory level competition, in 340 against the best in the world only to be knocked out of Cup contention by a crash with Yvon DuHamil in 440!


Bob was up against the best in the racing industry. The leading racers from Canada and the U.S. included Larry Rugland and Don Omdahl of Minnesota, Yvon DuHamel from Quebec, and our own Bob Hogg. It was a lot of work for Bob , along with sportsman of the year and most outstanding driver awards....he received the first ever prestigious Jim Adema Memorial Award. Bob has travelled extensively across Canada with Yamaha and technical team over the years.


He joined the MLSTA in 2014 as a director and has significantly contributed to the MLSTA’s evolution. Bob lives in Muskoka with his wife and is currently head technical inspector for Canadian Snow Cross Racing Assortation with some visits to USA ISOC series in tech. . He enjoys riding the local trails with friends and family – he is calm on the trail..but don’t try and push him..