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Secretary/Treasurer - Tony Molica

Tony Molica has been cottaging in Muskoka for almost 20 years.  His love of snowmobiling started in the early 1990’s and has always enjoyed it as a family sport.


From the beginning, Tony has been a volunteer.  He realizes that snowmobiling would not be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of volunteers.  Currently, he is holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer with the MLSTA.


Tony is a member of a large group of snowmobile riders, appropriately called Snowrats. Being a member of a large rider group provides opportunities otherwise not possible.  Most important is the comradery. Their journeys have taken them from the East coast of Canada to West Michigan State – always with a family theme.  The journey is not over!


Tony Lives in Whitby and spends quality time in Muskoka with family and friends.  He retired in 2014 and is involved more than ever in volunteering with the MLSTA, planning sled trips, and generally living the dream!