Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Work Party Oct 6

Hello everyone,

We have had a rather slow start to the season. It has been real tough getting into the bush since the motor had to be replaced on the Centaur. Well, $13,000.00 later, we are up and running again. We ask that you make sure you and all your friends mark MLSTA as the club they wish to support this season as we sure do need the funds!

We were out on a few trails over the past few days and have already found a few issues that need immediate attention. First there is an old rotted bridge on C101D at the south end of the trail that has a beaver dam under it. We will have to rip out the old bridge, remove the dam and install a new bridge. This was not in the budget for this year but we will have to get at it. Once permission from the landowner we will need help to move the material in before freeze up. Once there is a little bit of ice on the water we will be able to start work. With 4 or 5 guys we should be able to get this done on a Saturday. In our travels on C114 from Bala to the junction of C102D at Glen Orchard, there is a lot of major brushing to be done. We would like to tackle this on the weekend. Saturday, Oct. 6. If you can be available to help out, send me an e-mail by Thursday so we can get it organized. If you have an ATV bring it along, as well as any pruning equipment you may have. We will supply the mechanical brushers and a lunch.

Still on C114 there is a bridge in need of repair north of Bala at the second Railway Crossing. It seems a pick up truck tried to go over it last fall and broke 2 of the support beams. Adam Scott has volunteered to do the repairs necessary to the bridge for the up coming season. Many thanks to Adam and his crew.  Having only gotten to a few areas it looks like we are going to have a very busy fall season. Much help will be needed to get everything done on time.

By now I am sure you are aware of the permit fee schedule change for this coming season. It will still have to be approved by the MTO before an official announcement can be made. This new fee structure is only a very small part of the overall picture. The greatest change will be the re-distribution of permit monies to the clubs and organizations that actually need it. This new format will cause a very tight financial situation for our District in the first year as the funding begins to move around the Provence as it is needed. This new funding model will work once we get a season under our belts but in the meantime we may be hard pressed to keep all trails up to standard with potentially less grooming hours available. we will continue to do the best we can with the recourses we have.

The last thing I would like to mention is that we finally have a website up and running and linked to Facebook as well. It is still in it’s infancy stages but with your input of comments, articles and pictures we can get this thing running full steam ahead. Many thanks so far to Bob Hogg who has worked tirelessly on this project and put up with my ignorance of all this tecky stuff. I may learn eventually.

Updates will follow as we get them.

See you on our first work weekend,



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