How To Buy A Snowmobile


Today’s clean, advanced technology snowmobiles are as quiet, reliable and state of the art as automobiles and offer many features.Typically, new participants could look at a “touring” model in the popular 500 to 600cc range, that comes with electric start, reverse, thumb and hand warmers, high windshield, and mirrors. (Two-up sleds can be used by one or two persons, while two people should never ride on a sled only built to handle one).

Regardless of the make or model, all snowmobiles have the same basic characteristics. What’s different is how each of the major components accomplishes its task. So a “performance” or “muscle” sled will usually have more finely-tuned power, stiffer suspension and aggressive features – like a sports car – while a touring model will have more middle of the road power, a cushier suspension and a more comfortable seat. As with buying a car, shop for the features best suited to your riding expectations, style and experience level that come within your budget range.

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