Fixing Trail .. Nine Mile Lake Rd Muskoka

The landowner of this section of trail required us to install one new gate and repair the existing one at the end on Nine Mile Lake Rd. in order to get continued use of this trail. It was supposed to rain but thank heavens it held off. We walked the excavator in carrying the new gate about 2 km. Gary Quaife and Dan Vatcher each rode their 4 wheelers in dragging the posts that were required. There were many low spots along the trail and plenty of mud. Got the 4 wheelers stuck a few times but with the sun shinning and the warm weather it was not a bad job getting them out. I had volunteered to pull them out with the excavator but the guys wanted no part of that! They insisted that they could get themselves out ok. This made for a fun time watching from the dry seat of the excavator. Work went very well and we had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the going’s on of the day.

Oct 17 Oct 17b Oct d Octc


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