What a Start!Winter’s started earlier than usual in most parts of Ontario and the first Early Season Priority (ESP) Trails have already appeared in yellow or green. Congratulations to the Opeongo Snowbirds of District 6 (Barry’s Bay area) for having the first ESP trails ready on Dec. 4! Keep checking the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide for trail status updates.

Frost and Ice!

This winter has not only started early, it’s started ideally. At the beginning, prolonged sub zero temperatures are more important than snow, because cold puts a deeper frost in the ground and makes better ice. When the freeze is in, the snow lasts longer and is more durable. A good freeze up also means that groomers can get across swamps and ponds sooner to groom trails that aren’t accessible until the ice will bear their weight. Keep that cold weather coming!

Watch Out for ESP Trails – 3910 km now ready!
Early Season Priority (ESP) Trails are often sections of abandoned rail lines, utility corridors or old logging roads. Because their normal surfaces are usually flatter and smoother than most other terrain, these types of trails require less snow cover and are generally easier to groom. That’s why ESP Trails can provide the earliest riding opportunities, when Mother Nature cooperates. ESP Trails show as the first trails ready to ride on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide.

Thanks to Permit Buyers!

Thanks to Ontario snowmobilers who bought almost 50,000 permits online up to Dec. 1. One amazing stat is that on Oct. 31, the OFSC online permit system processed an average of 1 permit every 10 seconds all day. Not only did you save a few bucks off the regular fee with the convenience of buying from home, but by purchasing online you also saved club volunteers a huge amount of work.
What’s more, your permit dollars went directly to the clubs earlier than ever before so they have the money necessary to get trails ready. Buying permits online is one major way snowmobilers can help keep the cost of permits affordable.

 Family Fun at Club Events
Over 200 OFSC clubs host many snowmobiling events and activities all winter for your entertainment and enjoyment.
They’re a great way to have fun with your family and friends and to meet other snowmobilers.

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