Muskoka Trail Conditions December 28 2013

We received some updated information from Rene’  of interest.

The interactive trail map on the OFSC site is the official notification.

As of Thursday noon these trails were showing “Limited”.Trails C101D, Southwood Rd to C114, C114 through Bala to Glen Orchard, C102D from Glen Orchard to Bass Lake House and C102D from Glen Orchard to Brandy lake are open. Trail C101D from the Junction of C144 is open to C trail, C trail is open south to The Monument ( junction 105B and C).

These last ones were just opened today and will show on the interactive guide on Monday. We are planning on getting a good section of “C” north to Moon River Bridge open tomorrow as well providing the weather co operates.

Hope this helps.


And Further…

A few sleds pealed across Brandy Lake the other day..not sure if that’s a good idea.   Brandy Lake’s water level is still draining and last week the snow pressure pushed water to the surface it looks like.

No riding pictures..but here are some snow level shots around the property..

Have fun..

Muskoka SnowMuskoka Winter

Snowmobile Snow Dec 28 2013


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