Muskoka Snow Trails Volunteer

Hello everyone, We are now up and running and are past most of the trail problems for the present and able to put down a good trail. We still have a problem in Glen Orchard in the Jackson Swamp which is on C102D just off Hwy. 169. The bridge we built their a few years back has been turned on a bad angle to it’s footings making it impossible to get the groomer over. If I can get a few guys to help out this Saturday, I will get an excavator and we can swing it back around and place it back on it’s footings. should only take the morning. Please let me know if you could help out ASAP.

You can reply to this post if you don’t have the email address or contact Rene’



Contact Rene' to volunteer in district 7

Contact Rene’ to volunteer in district 7


2 comments on “Muskoka Snow Trails Volunteer

    • Come on, we need more than a couple of hours! How would you feel if we could only groom a couple of hours before each weekend?


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