Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Groomer Report

To all concerned, grooming machines have been down since last Wednesday. Parts were sent to us on Friday and after we got  the machine apart it was found the wrong parts we shipped. We are now waiting for the right ones. The repair will only take a few hours to fix but the parts will take longer. The supplier does not know how long it will be. As to a spare machine, the MSR has 2 units and they have been working steadily for the past month. The MSR is currently sitting with 4 downed machines. One of our neighboring clubs, Sno Bombers, was done last week and had one spare, they are now up and running again. They are unable help us as their machine is too wide for our trails and our bridges cannot handle the weight. ( it is 12’ wide) Baxter Snow Riders and S.M.A.R.T. are also both down and unable to help. The spare machine is now in the shop with a few issues and we are hoping to have it for our use by Tuesday.

As far as equipment, there is only so much we can do. This season has been very hard on all the MSR equipment. With the constant snow the equipment is always working at maximum capacity under full load. We are just not able to keep up. The manpower is limited and the demands on them is very high so far this season.

Rene’ Leenaars – Pres. M.L.S.T.A.

Equipment Chair – MSR

Contact Rene' to volunteer in district 7

Contact Rene’ to volunteer in district 7




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