Bala C114 Sled Trail Under Railway Bridge

Hello everyone, we have a serious situation in Bala where C114 goes under the railway bridge. The snow has accumulated to such a height that most sleds can not make it under anymore and are going right along the edge of the water. This is very dangerous and we will likely have to close down the trail. We need to remove about 2 feet of snow from under the bridge as soon as possible.

I am looking for volunteers that can do this during this week. If not we will have to do it on Saturday.  Also, the power brushing unit should be available for the weekend and we need to brush as many trails as possible while we have it. The unit takes most of the brush with it but we still require a few people on sleds to throw the brush the unit leaves behind off the trail.

If you can help out it would be much appreciated. If we do not get the help I will just pass the unit along to the SMART club who have it next. Please let me know by e-mail if you can help as I do not use facebook.




One comment on “Bala C114 Sled Trail Under Railway Bridge

  1. A huge thank you goes out to
    Adam Scott who single handedly
    shovelled out the area under the bridge. Rene and Mike happened on Adam mid afternoon to help him briefly but the bulk of the work was done. With caution most sleds should be able to pass under the steel girders. Thank you Adam Scott



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