Muskoka Snowmobile Trip

Good Ride to Port Sydney, Wed, Feb 26

Many of our riding companions were snowmobiling farther away or vacationing in warmer places, so we were a group of two on Wednesday. We had a fabulous ride on perfectly groomed trails throughout MLSTA, SnoBombers, and Hill’n’Gully Clubs. Marylee had the same great conditions out of Six Star. We found it interesting when we checked our mileage as we embarked on Trail 37 that Marylee and I had ridden from our homes in Mactier and Torrance, respectively, exactly 77.4 km and 77.8 km. Round trip was just over 200km.

What a variety of trails we experienced –  through woods, over steep hills of logging roads, through open fields, over ice crossings on Silver, Brandy, and Three Mile Lakes. The wind glossed snow over some of the open areas but the sunshine made for good visibility and the groomed and signed trails were always easy to follow. Good food at Mary’s Lakeside restaurant, only a kilometre or so of road travel off the trail. Hoping for another interesting ride next week, Wednesday, March 5. Maybe take the trip on Georgian Bay from Honey Harbor to have lunch at Maple Valley Club in Penetang.

Hope to see you next week,




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