Volunteers For Port Carling Area Trail Shut-down

Hello everyone, looks like winter is not going to end this year. I am sitting here trying to plan an organized “shut down” of our trail system and it is still snowing! The MSR trail system will shut down on March 31, 2014 brining to an end one of the longest sledding seasons in many years for us. We have had to deal with many breakdowns throughout the system but have been able to keep the trails in good condition for most of the season. The long hours required to keep the trails groomed in our club have taken their toll on all our operators. They are all beat! I hope all have enjoyed their rides on our trails this season. Trails are still in good shape and I would encourage those who can to get out and ride another weekend!

The reason for this letter is to bring our volunteers up to date on the things that will require your help in the coming weeks to get us ready for spring. The ropes and posts on the island in Port Carling will have to be removed, the railings and mats on the bridges will also have to be removed. It looks like the plan is to take the bridges out on or about April 7. This means the railings and mats will have to be removed no latter than Sat. April 5, so please keep that date open to help out. If there is still snow on the bridges, they will have to be shoveled first so it could take most of the weekend to get this job done. We have had very poor response (no one) to my requests over the winter for help with a few little projects so I am hoping that was only because everyone was into riding rather than working, which I can understand. I ask that you please let Gary  by the form below, if you will be able to help with these jobs as it can not be done by only one or two guys.  The rope and post removal can be done on another weekend. Myself and our local members put in a lot of volunteer hours to keep our system running and now we need your help to finish the season.

Thanks for your efforts,



Rene’ Leenaars


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