Trail Work Muskoka 2014

A big “THANKS” goes out to the brave guys, Terry Grant, Steve Elliott, Gary Quaife, Greg Frangakis and Roy Oakley who came to help build a new bridge on C101D. It rained on and off for the better part of the day but no one was willing to call it quits. The brushing went very well and I think Greg and Steve are now very qualified brushers! I have attached a few pictures of the event for your viewing. I would like to again ask for help to do more trail brushing and tree removal this coming Saturday. If you are able to help out please e-mail me back ASAP so  can schedule the work to be done. As was evident last Saturday, many hands do make light work. Thanks again guys!!

Rene’ Leenaars

Some of the pictures may double up on FB ..Steve Elliott did a great job of uploading the weekends work.

01 02 03 04 05 06 08 09



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