Port Carling Bridges

Hello everyone, just a short up date on the Port Carling bridges. We had a great turn out of volunteers last Saturday and the installation of the rubber mats and railings went very smooth and quick. Terry Grant brought his little Kabota loader and we were able to pick the mats up, one at a time, and take them right out to the spot they were going to be rolled out. Thanks for the help Terry, sure made the job easier.
This coming Saturday I would like to do some brushing along side Medorra Lake Road just north of Bala. If we can get 3 or 4 guys I will get a couple of extra brush cutters and we could do the entire section in a couple of hours. Please e-mail me if you can help by Thursday night so I have time to arrange for the extra brusher units.
We have a few major tree removal to do on some of our trails to make more room for the groomer to go through. We also have to build some new corduroy trail sections to allow us to get across some wet areas that have been plaguing us for some years now. If we don’t get much snow we would like to do these projects between Christmas and New Year. Many of you have indicated you would be around during that time so this would be the ideal time to tackle these jobs. Onee of our club members has offered to bring his log skidder during this period and help out as well. This would really make the job easier. Let’s hope we can get this all organized and make it happen. This will all depend on you, our volunteers.
Again, THANKS for your help the last two Saturdays and hope to see you all real soon. we are on a roll and I would like to keep it going!!! Take advantage of the “no snow” situation as much as possible. Once the snow hits, we all want to RIDE!!!!




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