Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Update

Hello everyone, I must apologize for not up dating everyone on the trail conditions over the last few weeks but I have been more concerned with getting all our trails packed and opened. As of last Friday we had all our trails listed as “LIMITED” on the OFSC interactive trail guide. The first week there was so much snow it was next to impossible to get a groomer through. If you saw a few of the photos on Facebook showing Rainer standing beside the machine you will know what I am talking about. The Husky had it’s blade all the way up and was still pushing about 30′ od snow in front of it. The snow was coming up the windshield and was about a foot over the tracks as it was trying to get through. This made the job very slow and more tedious than usual. After the weekend, and the snow had finally started to settle, the job began to go easier everyday. We were able to get our system totally open and running for the weekend. The trails are not great yet but at least we were able to have a system that you could all ride and start to get the “itch” out of your system!

This past weekend we had to dig out Centaur trailer out of the snow at the Foodland in Port Carling. I want to thank Steve Long and Steve Elliott and a couple of their buddies for showing up on a very cold Saturday morning (and hung over) to help me get her out. Right now  we have to corduroy a couple of sections on the trails that are being washed out by streams. This is a huge job for the very small three man crew we have. We need help this weekend to do this job. We need as many volunteers as we can get in order to complete at least one section. The job will take the whole day. I know many of you want to ride, and I can appreciate that, but unless we get this done we will not be able to put a drag on those trails. Depending on the amount of help we get, will determine which one we will tackle first. Please help us out, it benefits all of us and makes sledding a lot safer. If you can help out I need to know by Thursday morning at the latest so that we can get everything organized. There will be trees to cut and move into place. Fire hose will need to be nailed into place to hold the timbers together. We will have the groomer there to help move the timbers from where we cut them to where we are going to install them.

We will require help on a few more days as well as the season progresses. Please find time to help. If it was not for our volunteers we would not have much of a system to ride.

That’s it for now and I hope you all have a great sleddin season!!!
See you on the trails,


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