Port Carling Bridges

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy our club trails this past winter. We were somewhat late in getting them all open at the same time but we did our best. With all the early snow it was a very long process to pack all our trails this season. The Husky and it’s operators put in over 150 hrs. and the Centaur logged over 75 hrs. to get the trails packed. this is even higher than usual. However, once the trails were packed and we got first grooming pass in we were up and running. from all the comments we received this winter I think we did a very good job ay keeping our trails in good shape for the entire season. We had a corduroy section to do on a busy weekend in February on C101D this winter and got a great turn out to help with this project. Thanks also to those who got caught on the trail while this project was taking place and pitching in to help us out. There about 40 sleds waiting to get through. These  riders were quite fascinated to watch a project of this kind going on. Many said they had no idea at the amount of volunteer hours it takes to put in a section of corduroy in place. Next season we have another section to corduroy and more brushing to do as well.

The next item is the Port Carling bridges. we are planning a work day for this coming Saturday, Mar.28. There is still snow on the bridges at this time but with the warmer weather coming this week most of it should be gone. If it is not, it will have to be shoveled off first. We also need to get the “T” bar posts out and the retaining lines removed as well. This can be a big job, but in the past few years we have a fair number of volunteers who have done this before and it has gone very smoothly and rapidly. We ask for your help again and possibly bring a friend along as well. Gary will be coordinating this event so please let him know as soon as you can to let him know if you can help out. I ask that you copy me as well. I will be away on a much needed break in the sun for a few weeks.
Thanks for your on going support, without it we could not accomplish as much as we do every year.



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