Port Carling Snowmobile Bridge Install

Hello everyone, it is that time of the year again! Yes, the bridges in Port Carling are scheduled to be installed this week. We are looking for your help to install the rubber mats and railings on the floating bridge. We really need as much help as possible. Even if you can only carry the drills and screws it is still a necessity.

Last year we had a good turnout and the whole job only took a couple of hours. If you are able to help out please let Gary know and myself know as soon as possible. I am still in the south but will be home in time for the job. The club will be buying lunch for all our volunteers. We will all meet at the locks in Port Carling on Saturday, Dec 5 at around 9:30 am. If there is any change (the bridges don’t get installed) I will let everyone know as soon as I know and we can reschedule for the following weekend.
Thanks for your help.
Rene’ Leenaars


NOTE: A Change In Schedule For Port Carling Snowmobile Bridge Installation:

Have just checked with Kropf Engineering and am told the bridge installation is now  scheduled for Monday December 7th or Tuesday December 8th.

Apparently Ken the lock manager has a barge coming through on Friday December 4th so Kropf was asked to delay.

I have advised Kropf to notify us as far in advance as they can in future.

Bob McTavish

2096 floating bridge



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