Brandy Lake Work

I just want to send out a HUGE “Thank You” to the three guys, Sean Roberts, John Walsh and Tony Molica who showed up at 9:00am on Saturday morning (having fight their way through 5″ of freshly fallen wet snow) to help do some tree removal on only 24 hours notice and no machinery to assist !  The day was a huge success as we were able to remove about 40 trees to widen a section of C102D. About 28 trees were the normal 10″-12″ in diameter but the rest were anywhere up to 20″ and a few even larger! A great job done safely and expediently.

We now have another section that the Husky will be able to get through without banging up the protection cage around the cab. Next Saturday, weather permitting, I would like to again get a small crew together for and get another section widened out as well. As long as we are not yet able to sled, we may as well get as much widening done as possible. This will allow us to move through the trails with the groomer at a much faster rate allowing us to do more trail every night! If anyone can help out please let me know and I will start planning where we will go.

Thanks, and pray for COLD weather and then SNOW!!!!

Rene’ Leenaars



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