Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Information

The M.L.S.T.A.  would like to keep you all up to date as to which trails in our system will be “OPEN” for riding this Family Day weekend. Trail C101D from Southwood Road to the “C” Trail Junction is open for “LIMITED” riding as well as Trail 17 to Nine Mile Lake. Also open for “LIMITED” riding is “C” trail from the C101D junction south to B105. Access to Bala is also ” OPEN – LIMITED” using C114 from the junction of C101D. We are planning to try to open “C” Trail north from Ragged Rapids Road North to the Moon River Bridge on Saturday so if you are traveling in that area please be on the look out for our groomer which will be clearing trees and packing the trail.

The trails that are “CLOSED” are C114 North to Glen Orchard where it meets C102D. C102D is “CLOSED” from this junction in both directions. This means that going North to MacTier and East to Port Carling and Brandy Lake all trails are “CLOSED”.

Unfortunately we do have a number of closed trails. However we have done our utmost to get as many trails open as we can. There is still a lot of pretty good riding in our area and we hope you get to enjoy the trails. For the trails listed asCLOSED”, we ask you to please not go on any of them for any reason! Remember, traveling over an unopened trail means you have NO TRAIL INSURANCE coverage and you could be charged with TRESSPASSING! We ask for your continued cooperation and enjoy the little of winter we have remaining!


Rene’ Leenaars – PRES. MLSTA



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