Last minute update

Hello everyone, just a last minute update on our trail situation. Discussions are still on going with the Government and the Landowners so all trails North of Bala will again be closed. That is C114 North as well as C102D from Brandy Lake to Bass Lake Restaurant are “CLOSED”. The system to the South of Bala is open for riding.

That includes C114 South from Bala to the C101D intersection, C101D from Southwood Road to the “C” trail junction as well as Trail #17 to Nine Mile lake are open. Also “C” trail is open South to the B105 junction and North to the Moon River Bridge connecting to MacTier trails. Trail #21 is also open to Big Bay on Georgian Bay. All these trails are “OPEN LIMITED”  so please be careful out there. we plan to keep these trails open as long as we are able and get some cold weather and snow to be able to start grooming on a regular basis. we will also be keeping in contact with the MSR office and as soon as we get the “GO” we will start to groom the trails now closed. Please respect our landowners and stay off closed trails. 

Rene’ Leenaars




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