Rene’ Leenaars Update

Hello everyone. I am back from the south and am looking out my window wondering why I did not stay longer!!!  Burrrrrr it’s still cold!!!!

First off I need to thank all those that helped Steve Elliott to get the bridges in Port Carling ready for their spring removal. I understand it went very smoothly and quickly. Personally I would also like to thank Terry Grant for bringing out his Kabota to move the mats,(makes the job a whole lot easier) as well as to Greg Fritz, Steve Long, Sean Roberts, Mike Webb, Jack Fenn, Rainer Hacker, Bob Cleverdon, Ian Zellenrath, Greg Fragakis and Herman DeWitt and his son. Great job! Steve Elliott has agreed to take on the installation and removal responsibility going forward.

Then there are those that most of you never really see, our secretary, Margaret Kenwright. The treasurer who makes sure I don’t spend any money unless it is absolutely necessary, my wife Janet Leenaars. The VP of our club who looks after most of the interaction with the Township as well as sells map advertising and is my “go to guy”, Mike Webb. Then there is the gentleman we all know as “Santa Clause”, Bob McTavish who looks after all dealings with Landowners. He is the guy that gets the Land Use Agreements set up and signed. This was a very trying job this past season with all the trail closings. Bob Hogg who keeps the web site up and running. He also has had a few tough times with keeping the site running with the landowners issues and trying to comply with MSR regulations regarding the content pertaining to the landowners who closed their property to trails. Steve Elliot looking after our Facebook page and keeping it updated. To Rainer Hacker who is our lead groomer operator and spent a lot of time opening and re-opening trails due to the poor conditions this past winter. He was also able to train a new groomer operator this season as well. We have another operator to train next year so he and I will both be busy getting him up to speed. Once our next operator is trained we will have 5 of us to perform the grooming duties and hopefully this will be enough to keep trails in good condition if the snow works with us.

The next people to thank are our landowners. Through their generosity were are able to keep our system in full operation most seasons. This past season was an exception with a number of landowners closing trails due to the threat of a new bill being proposed that they feel will remove their rights as landowners on any sections of trails that cross their property. I have to respect their decision since if I was in their position and felt the same way, I would have done the same thing. Hopefully this situation will get resolved over the summer and we will be back to normal this winter. I will keep everyone informed as to what is going on as soon as I know.

Last and most important is YOU, the rider! If not for you continually purchasing permits from our club we would not be able to continue to function. Your continued support of buying MLSTA permits and volunteering your time to help with trail work as necessary is greatly appreciated.  I am sorry that we were only able to keep the south portion of our system open for the short season we had but we did the best we could. Hopefully next season will be better. THINK SNOW!!!!!

We will be holding our AGM on May 7, at the Glen Orchard Community Center at 10:00am – 12:00 pm. I will be sending out an update on this meeting and it’s importance to everyone for the coming years in the next week or so. Please keep this date open, it is going to be VERY important and will decide the future of our club.


Rene’ Leenaars


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