UPDATE Muskoka Snowtrails

Our main executives operating the Muskoka Lakes Snowtrails Association (MLSTA), one of best regions to ride in, are stepping back to let a new group maintain the status quo.

The club was led by Rene’ Leernass and his wife, Mike Webb, Bob McTavish and Margaret Kenwright to name a few.    For decades this group put in thousands of hours talking to landowners,  never ending task of equipment operations, marketing and scheduling and so much more.  Fortunately..they have all agreed to support the new crew from a background position.

Lately, this club as well as others, are faced with landowner issues..runour has it… a group published incorrect information about the original Bill 100 alienating many property owners.

Your club is stepping up to lead this charge.  We are on-side with local government and key agencies and working tirelessly to get a Q & A sheet set up that we can share with other clubs to assist in gaining our trails back.

We will publish and share this  Q & A with other clubs to assist in gaining the confidence of landowners who have closed their land to us.

Our new crew consists mainly of Fred Kelsey, Tony Molica, Steve Elliot, Steve Long and Bob Hogg

We will post their positions later …looks like tons of snow coming this season

Tony Molica, Steve Elliot and behind the scenes Mike Webb and Bob McTavish are your key members working on the Q&A.

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