Port Carling Parade Muskoka

Well a great night was had by all in Port Carling this Saturday, despite the rain. This is the first time in a few years that we have put together a float, and the first ever for your new club leadership…

Just a huge thanks to Patrick Losier who not only created the awesome graphics as a donation to the club, but also helped significantly building the float, and also drove the trailer in the parade. Hows that for a new volunteer to the club??

Also a big shout out to Dave Shaw from The Cove Marina who donated the new sled, as well as Bill Fullerton for the vintage sled. Bob Hogg also coordinated getting the Vintage Sled from Bill, so there were many hands involved one way or the other

Story by Steve Elliot

15110998_1864298923799254_378203911610185835_o 15167473_1864298967132583_2742812513201865084_o 15170787_1864298927132587_6095064155627305161_n 15193683_1864298917132588_6024999364814554468_n 15202570_1864298967132583_2742812513201865084_n



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