Öviinbyrd Golf Club and Idiots

A specific group of about 6 idiot sledders in the Foots Bay, Port Carling Muskoka region must be stopped from causing damage..

Last week the assistant superintendent of the very exclusive Öviinbyrd Golf Club warned us that if this deliberate abuse and destruction of his course does not stop immediately he will close access to us.

Rene’ and I put up a line of signs along the side road but today, Dec 18 they entered the property again and ripped up his greens.

He thinks the 6 may head over to Bass Lake Road House after the rip.

There can be a $10,000 fine for sledders trespassing

Please contact us with any information. Your privacy will be protected.

Muskoka Lakes Snow Trials Association








One comment on “Öviinbyrd Golf Club and Idiots

  1. This is just terrible. Can the OPP be phoned? Perhaps the installation of one of those wildlife motion sensor cameras that have night vision at the point they seem to be entering the property? Maybe some pictures would be taken and the sled’s could be identified.

    I cannot believe how idiotic some people are.


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