Update Öviinbyrd Golf Club

RE:  Last post regarding six sleds using the golf course grounds and the greens as a launch pad.

Fred spent a day and a half ( full day Dec 19) in du-diligence with the assistant superintendent of the golf club.   Between the two of them, they came up with an Instagram vid of a local suspect riding a sled on a golf course.   Fred further dug deep and found the local owner of the vid and called him.   It was denied but the post was deleted immediately.

Fred has a general “trail awareness and courtesy” article coming out in the newspaper soon.   The first one is in the Gravenhurst paper.






One comment on “Update Öviinbyrd Golf Club

  1. Has anyone phoned the OPP on this? Quite sure if complaints are filed they would have officers on sleds come and charge them. If there is a pattern of the times they are riding on the golf course it should be easy for the OPP to catch them red handed.

    Disgraceful behaviour!


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