Groomer Operators… The Job

Tony Molica represented the MLSTA at the recent MSR groomer training program.   This is what he had to say.

With respect to the groomer operator course, I was trained on a number of groomer administrator issues such as payroll, signage, policies, health and safety, incident reports, etc.  I will be holding a meeting with the 5 MLSTA groomer operators next week to bring them up to speed.  This course is mandatory for the operators and a sign in sheet must be completed and submitted.  Procedures and note taking have never been more important with the groomer operators because of liability and ensuring due diligence.  Again, this goes back to safety and ensuring that risk is minimized on the trails.

I have not been as involved with other snowmobile clubs as I have with the MLSTA and district 7.  The effort that our volunteers make and the time they put into our sport is truly commendable.  We should all tip our helmets to these volunteers.



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