Bracebridge Examiner Snowmobile Article

Fred Kelsey.. president, at the time, was busy again helping to our cause.   Hope you read the recent article on his work with the golf course issue.

Fred got together with Brent Cooper of the Bracebridge Examiner  to write this:

Click…...Story  Or….We pasted a copy below….

He was also talking with a new major magazine director on doing a series.

Happy New Year

Bob Hogg

Muskoka Lakes snowmobile club warns riders about trespassing

Bracebridge Examiner

MUSKOKA LAKES — Fred Kelsey would like area snowmobilers to exercise some courtesy and use a little more common sense.

The president of the Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association said he has been receiving complaints from the management of Oviinbyrd Golf Club in MacTier that snowmobilers are trespassing on the club’s greens and potentially destroying them for play this coming year.

“They’re ruining it for everybody,” Kelsey said with a touch of frustration in his voice. “We want snowmobilers to stick strictly to the trail system. We don’t want any more landowners refusing us permission.”

He said the abuse of the golf course — where the club does have some permitted access — has been going on for the past while, and club officials erected warning signs about trespassing. However, this did little to stop the snowmobilers, as they entered the property again on Dec. 18 and ripped up the greens.

Kelsey said the golf course operators told club officials that “if this deliberate abuse and destruction of his course does not stop immediately he will close access to us.”

The club president said this instance, along with concerns regional landowners have with Bill 100, could create future troubles for the Muskoka Lakes club.

Bill 100, also known as the Support Ontario’s Trails Act, is geared to, according to the province, increasing awareness and encouraging use of trails, enhancing trails and trail experiences and recognizing the contribution that trails make to quality of life.

However, landowners have expressed concerns about the new bill, which the Ontario Landowners Association claims removes and/or undermines private property rights.

“A lot of our landowners have refused access to their property,” Kelsey said. “They are thinking the government may take their property over. So our trails are limited due to Bill 100 and this (trespass) will make things more difficult.”

Kelsey said anyone caught trespassing could be fined up to $10,000.

None of the club’s trails are currently open because, as Kelsey says, there are areas within the Muskoka Lakes group’s region with granite and swamps that make it difficult to groom.






One comment on “Bracebridge Examiner Snowmobile Article

  1. Years ago when we had a Bala Snowmoblie Club we broke trails with our Skandik and other smaller sleds so that they could freeze and set up for the larger groomers to come later. The latest snow fall amounts could potentially bring us the best riding season in years but no grooming of any kind has been done in the Bala area or much of west Muskoka. The land ownership issues, I was told by a MSR representative, had been addressed. Apparently, not so. One reason for trespassing problems may be that the trails are not marked properly therefore riders have no idea where they are supposed to ride. New highway crossings are popping up in potentially dangerous spots because the trails are not marked.
    For the cost of permits, insurance, gas, sleds, and other related equipment and gear, not to mention the economic benefit to businesses in our area, please address these issues and get us “riding where we buy”.


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