Do We Need Them we need them?  We did hear some chatter ( a while ago) from Quebec about banning studs, but that was a mis-wording I guess.  If fact they promote studs for safety.

Definitely…..performance orientated riders will have studs.    Yet the rep for Bracebridge Yamaha has a turbo 154″ monster and claims he does not use studs.   A lot is going to depend on your riding location as well as machine type.

Another concern is single and two ply tracks.   If you do stud, especially on single ply..make sure the backing plate just comes flush with the don’t let in pull deep into the rubber.   You may not want to stud outside the rails as the force generated there is greater.  You need to keep an eye on studs they can come loose.

Check your track condition as well.  HERE is a helpful informative guide.   Read the track warnings , if any, as well..many are stamped “don’t stud.”   If you have a single ply track be sure to mention that to your vendor.  He may recommend a larger backing head diameter.

Personally, I have been in the non stud group until a week ago when I helplessly slid backwards down the ice incline to the steel snow bridge in Bracebridge.   Next day I called old race sponsor at Woody’s and said OK sign me up.   It is going to add maybe 10 pounds of static weight to the track alone…which equates to about 50 pounds or more in motion

I think a lot has to do with sled size as well..takes more to stop the new larger units of today.

If studs are in  your future..check to see if your sled has tunnel protectors.   We used hockey sticks up there in the race they are usually aluminium.

We finally organised our QSR homemade jack-shaft tool for the next posting.

Woody's Studs

Woody’s Studs


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