Grooming Information MLSTA Muskoka

Received some  updated information from Rene’ to answer recent question.

The MLSTA has 3 qualified drivers and a few in heavy training.  The job is tireless can be dangerous and just hard work dealing with beaver dams and brush.    Once the initial trail is down (again) they can start grooming from 4 PM to 8 AM.  every day!  Many of the groomer operators have full time jobs making it more difficult.

Most of the trails should be done by the weekend  This Friday Feb. 3 and team will be out measuring ice thickness on Brandy Lake and Silver Lake on the MLSTA trails.   Things look pretty good so we will probably stake them as well.

This is going to be a long hard week for our groomer operators..

MOTHER NATURE!!!!  Our sleds are sick of this warm just sitting view..!!!




4 comments on “Grooming Information MLSTA Muskoka

  1. Thank you and to all the volunteers for all you do. Can you please confirm if the landowner issues from last year were resolved for C114 and C102D from Bala up to Bass Lake? If so, and conditions improve/allow, how soon until it might be possible for grooming and opening? Many thanks again.


      • I know it’s not open, that’s why I want to know when. As well as the “c” south from there. I know there is lots of snow to work with. Six star has done a great job north of Moon river, just want be able to head south.


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