Bracebridge Examiner Snowmobile Article

Fred Kelsey.. president, at the time, was busy again helping to our cause.   Hope you read the recent article on his work with the golf course issue.

Fred got together with Brent Cooper of the Bracebridge Examiner  to write this:

Click…...Story  Or….We pasted a copy below….

He was also talking with a new major magazine director on doing a series.

Happy New Year

Bob Hogg

Muskoka Lakes snowmobile club warns riders about trespassing

Bracebridge Examiner

MUSKOKA LAKES — Fred Kelsey would like area snowmobilers to exercise some courtesy and use a little more common sense.

The president of the Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association said he has been receiving complaints from the management of Oviinbyrd Golf Club in MacTier that snowmobilers are trespassing on the club’s greens and potentially destroying them for play this coming year.

“They’re ruining it for everybody,” Kelsey said with a touch of frustration in his voice. “We want snowmobilers to stick strictly to the trail system. We don’t want any more landowners refusing us permission.”

He said the abuse of the golf course — where the club does have some permitted access — has been going on for the past while, and club officials erected warning signs about trespassing. However, this did little to stop the snowmobilers, as they entered the property again on Dec. 18 and ripped up the greens.

Kelsey said the golf course operators told club officials that “if this deliberate abuse and destruction of his course does not stop immediately he will close access to us.”

The club president said this instance, along with concerns regional landowners have with Bill 100, could create future troubles for the Muskoka Lakes club.

Bill 100, also known as the Support Ontario’s Trails Act, is geared to, according to the province, increasing awareness and encouraging use of trails, enhancing trails and trail experiences and recognizing the contribution that trails make to quality of life.

However, landowners have expressed concerns about the new bill, which the Ontario Landowners Association claims removes and/or undermines private property rights.

“A lot of our landowners have refused access to their property,” Kelsey said. “They are thinking the government may take their property over. So our trails are limited due to Bill 100 and this (trespass) will make things more difficult.”

Kelsey said anyone caught trespassing could be fined up to $10,000.

None of the club’s trails are currently open because, as Kelsey says, there are areas within the Muskoka Lakes group’s region with granite and swamps that make it difficult to groom.






That 0.5%

Just hours after our last post ..I see this in Bracebridge…behind the LCBO area..he was heading for the trail

We need to photo and report these guys..up close..our trails WILL be shut down.

In addition..there is no insurance when the trail is closed.

Bob Hogg




Trail Temptation Time

Trail Temptation Time could not be higher this upcoming weekend…I too, can feel the “adrenaline rushes” to get out there. this time the MLSTA would like to thank the 99.5% of riders who stayed off our trails…and continue to do so i until the red is gone.

In other news…

Steve Elliot worked hard changing our facebook page to an “Origination from its old status personal”.  We are working on showing the “likes” as we have almost 300 in one week but they only show on our files.

Tony Molica had his policy meeting with the “trail groomers” last weekend things seem to be in order.

It Is The Law

It Is The Law

Bob Hogg




Update Öviinbyrd Golf Club

RE:  Last post regarding six sleds using the golf course grounds and the greens as a launch pad.

Fred spent a day and a half ( full day Dec 19) in du-diligence with the assistant superintendent of the golf club.   Between the two of them, they came up with an Instagram vid of a local suspect riding a sled on a golf course.   Fred further dug deep and found the local owner of the vid and called him.   It was denied but the post was deleted immediately.

Fred has a general “trail awareness and courtesy” article coming out in the newspaper soon.   The first one is in the Gravenhurst paper.





Öviinbyrd Golf Club and Idiots

A specific group of about 6 idiot sledders in the Foots Bay, Port Carling Muskoka region must be stopped from causing damage..

Last week the assistant superintendent of the very exclusive Öviinbyrd Golf Club warned us that if this deliberate abuse and destruction of his course does not stop immediately he will close access to us.

Rene’ and I put up a line of signs along the side road but today, Dec 18 they entered the property again and ripped up his greens.

He thinks the 6 may head over to Bass Lake Road House after the rip.

There can be a $10,000 fine for sledders trespassing

Please contact us with any information. Your privacy will be protected.

Muskoka Lakes Snow Trials Association







Port Carling Sled Bridge

A picture(s) is worth a thousand words.  Thank you all!!!   We had good representation from a lady (who never stopped) and a bunch of guys.

Without the Trillium Plowing we would have had trouble getting in so thank you.   Tractor man ..well he saved the day…

Hopefully Steve the other Steve and Sean can add some pics as well.

bridge-blower bridge-crew bridge-done bridge-help bridge-lots-of-help bridge-mats bridge-pre-work-2016 bridge-tractor


Muskoka Trails

Rene’ on the excavator and Fred on the chainsaw were cutting a new trail this week getting around yet anther problem.

Rene’ and myself spent some hours yesterday replacing stolen sign at critical areas.    We had a talked with the assistant superintendent at the very exclusive  Öviinbyrd Golf Club and learned that

We had a talked with the assistant superintendent at the very exclusive  Öviinbyrd Golf Club and learned that sleds have been on his grounds already.   He gives us a very critical section of land and if this stupidity does not stop that parcel will be closed.

If the ponds freeze, we should start packing next week.

The 1st picture is my drive back from Bracebridge the other day.  We were dead stopped….waiting to see.  I thought my windshield had fogged over..when it first hit.



Trail Permits

Open For Sale This weekend

This year trial permits are only available online.   Please “select” the area where you ride not your home town.


2017 Seasonal Permit Types and Pricing

On or Before Nov. 1st 

Seasonal $180.00 + $7.50 process fee

Classic $140.00

Multi-day ————-

On or Before Dec. 1st 

Seasonal $210.00

Classic $140.00

Multi-day —————-

Dec. 2nd Onward 

Seasonal $260.00

Classic $170.00

Multi-day $35.00 per day







Social Media

Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association has two forms of information media:

Facebook…we likely have the most informative FB site in Ontario with over 1000 members and growing.    Steve Long and Steve Elliot work hard keeping it updated with information.  The site will continue to grow  with the support of its dedicated sledding members.

Web Site…It has over 1000 sled enthusiast signed up as well.    Sign up is easy and can be cancelled at any time.   When a post is made you will receive a notification email.  Sometimes a post on the web-site will link to FB as well.   Clink on the “post” in the web site to see the latest information