Five Hour Ride Muskoka

We took a short scoot around MLSTA today…Rene’ and Rainer are still living in the groomers most of the night!

Checked out a further five hours of riding the Muskoka trails north with friends…and enjoyed it..

So we will also say..lets be smart this warm weekend….and not rip into the trail base..when warm.



Grooming Information MLSTA Muskoka

Received some  updated information from Rene’ to answer recent question.

The MLSTA has 3 qualified drivers and a few in heavy training.  The job is tireless can be dangerous and just hard work dealing with beaver dams and brush.    Once the initial trail is down (again) they can start grooming from 4 PM to 8 AM.  every day!  Many of the groomer operators have full time jobs making it more difficult.

Most of the trails should be done by the weekend  This Friday Feb. 3 and team will be out measuring ice thickness on Brandy Lake and Silver Lake on the MLSTA trails.   Things look pretty good so we will probably stake them as well.

This is going to be a long hard week for our groomer operators..

MOTHER NATURE!!!!  Our sleds are sick of this warm just sitting view..!!!



Muskoka Trails January 2017

MLSTA groomers out on Friday putting in the trail around the Bala Storage.

Our trails have not been groomed and are still all closed. There is just too much water flowing through and across the trails. The mud holes have been deep enough to swallow a sled whole! It is not safe for sleds!

After this weekend’s colder weather we hope to be able to start actual grooming this week.

NOTICE:  Was out packing some trails today the small ones.. trails are closed thou……Riders are continually riding off trail on farm land in the MLSTA area and more..what are we going to do about this..the trial WILL BE CLOSED…keep an eye out or whatever is legal..


From our American sledders


Do We Need Them we need them?  We did hear some chatter ( a while ago) from Quebec about banning studs, but that was a mis-wording I guess.  If fact they promote studs for safety.

Definitely…..performance orientated riders will have studs.    Yet the rep for Bracebridge Yamaha has a turbo 154″ monster and claims he does not use studs.   A lot is going to depend on your riding location as well as machine type.

Another concern is single and two ply tracks.   If you do stud, especially on single ply..make sure the backing plate just comes flush with the don’t let in pull deep into the rubber.   You may not want to stud outside the rails as the force generated there is greater.  You need to keep an eye on studs they can come loose.

Check your track condition as well.  HERE is a helpful informative guide.   Read the track warnings , if any, as well..many are stamped “don’t stud.”   If you have a single ply track be sure to mention that to your vendor.  He may recommend a larger backing head diameter.

Personally, I have been in the non stud group until a week ago when I helplessly slid backwards down the ice incline to the steel snow bridge in Bracebridge.   Next day I called old race sponsor at Woody’s and said OK sign me up.   It is going to add maybe 10 pounds of static weight to the track alone…which equates to about 50 pounds or more in motion

I think a lot has to do with sled size as well..takes more to stop the new larger units of today.

If studs are in  your future..check to see if your sled has tunnel protectors.   We used hockey sticks up there in the race they are usually aluminium.

We finally organised our QSR homemade jack-shaft tool for the next posting.

Woody's Studs

Woody’s Studs

Dormant Groomer Muskoka

Some time ago we talked tech stuff here… and it seemed while we are waiting for the cold…

Next time we will show you how we built a custom jack-shaft  tool to change out the Ski Doo QRS helix without removing the jack-shaft.

In order to stay in the technology and buddy loop, we picked up a 146″ srviper form Bracebridge Yamaha  

Suspension Coupling…

So to get to coupling this is what the skid does. (skid dynamics will be another article)   First…The rear spring and shock is called the rear, the front of the skid shock – spring is called the middle the skis shock spring is called the front

When the throttle is pinned…the force of the rotating tracks rotation pulls the skid violently forward.  This forward motion  has to go somewhere…so it then pushes done hard on the middle arm..pushing the front of the skid into the snow for launch.  The length and angle of the middle arm is designed on HP and application.  (more on that another time)  as this motion continues the back of the sled squats.   The strap and other geometry happens at that time as well.

So..with coupling..see the stop on the Yamaha picture…..once the back scissor hits that stop…it sucks up the front of the skid.   And then..that middle shock – spring begins immediately to work with the rear spring. better understand.     If you took out the middle shock and replaced it with a flat bar of steel..the skid would stop moving into compression the moment it hit the coupling block.

In other words the middle spring is designed to work with the rear spring on coupling.

Why do we need coupling..well coming off a turn ….you gas it without coupling the skis would lift and you may go straight..coupling simply keeps the skis somewhat on the snow by sucking up the front of the skid.     Most sleds today have deleted the front to rear coupling.   This was tried in snocross racing to stop “kick up” but I don’t think it is used anymore.

So why can’t we just shorten the strap to keep the skis down…Well you could ,,but then they would be dragging 100% of the time.  The clutch would not like that loss (more on that later) and fuel mileage would suffer as it would be revving higher.

I have an excel chart, somewhere,  that we made several years ago that graphs the skid motion on coupling every 10 mm thru its range.  But I can’t find it yet.











Muskoka Snow Trails

All packing operations have stopped as it is just too soft now.

Looks like we will be in a “HOLD” position for about a week. We have only about 7 miles of C trail north to open and Trail 21. Everything else is packed.

When the weather gets cold again we plan on starting grooming operations on one trail at a time so that we can start opening them to the public. We will likely start on C102D from Brandy Lake to Glen Orchard first and then on to MacTier, Bala and all other points on the system.

This is not set in stone as the opening will again depend on which trails we can again access.

Not Exactly A Trail Ride

Two Things


Trails are still closed in the MLSTA area due to standing ponds…if you want to take a short Muskoka zip and eat…….you may be able to at Bracebridge Yamaha Demo rides…

January 14th between 10-4 to try out the 2017 Yamaha line-up of snowmobiles.
You must bring with you proper riding gear; helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots, etc. as well as a valid licence.

Coffee, timbits, hotdogs, sausages and burgers will be available throughout the day.













Update Steve`s post for Sunday Jan 15

The order of the day is to do some brushing from the trail at Young’s Road in Glen Orchard south to the Bob Kenwright Memorial Trail in Bala. We hope that the cold weather coming on Friday will help to tighten up the swamps and make the day more manageable. Looking forward to seeing some of you….


Groomer Operators… The Job

Tony Molica represented the MLSTA at the recent MSR groomer training program.   This is what he had to say.

With respect to the groomer operator course, I was trained on a number of groomer administrator issues such as payroll, signage, policies, health and safety, incident reports, etc.  I will be holding a meeting with the 5 MLSTA groomer operators next week to bring them up to speed.  This course is mandatory for the operators and a sign in sheet must be completed and submitted.  Procedures and note taking have never been more important with the groomer operators because of liability and ensuring due diligence.  Again, this goes back to safety and ensuring that risk is minimized on the trails.

I have not been as involved with other snowmobile clubs as I have with the MLSTA and district 7.  The effort that our volunteers make and the time they put into our sport is truly commendable.  We should all tip our helmets to these volunteers.


SOLD!!!..2012 Ski Doo Rev XR 600 ETech


We have not tried “For Sale”  before this before and will see how much work it takes…Mike has worked hard on the MLSTA board for many years  Scroll to bottom to contact Mike

For Sale:

2012 Ski Doo Rev XR 600 ETech engine, fully studded track, 2017 Trail Pass and licence

For Sale: 2012 SkiDoo Rev XR 600ETech engine, fully studded track, 2017 Trail Pass and licence

  • 2012 SkiDoo Rev XR 600ETech engine, fully studded track, 2017 Trail Pass and licence
    Exceptional shape with only 3373 Km
    Full SkiDoo cover is included as well as dealer installed trailer hitch
    This 600 ETech is as efficient on gas as a four stroke
    Asking $8,000.00