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The 2017 Rider Opinion and Preference survey is now open and we hope to hear from you! Please take 5 minutes (we promise it won’t take long) to provide us with your valuable insights about snowmobiling in Ontario. We’re always looking for the rider perspective so we can continue to make OFSC trail riding the best it can be.

Thank you in advance, your opinion matters!




Five Hour Ride Muskoka

We took a short scoot around MLSTA today…Rene’ and Rainer are still living in the groomers most of the night!

Checked out a further five hours of riding the Muskoka trails north with friends…and enjoyed it..

So we will also say..lets be smart this warm weekend….and not rip into the trail base..when warm.


On the Trail and Free Permit Ride Weekend

Rene’ and Mr Rainer have spent countless nights out there trail grooming under tough conditions.   Both men must be exhausted by this time.  It takes a highly qualified person to operate one of these things..and both have years of running under their belts.

You need a love for the sport to do this!

I had a run today out one end of MLSTA and returned from the other end…



More Closing..Tr

You’ve heard the warnings and now, sadly, we’ve had to close the Bruce Peninsula Tour in District 9 this season due to several landowners revoking access because too many snowmobilers have been going off trail and trespassing on their land.
The message is loud and clear and the reality is starting to set in for many, let’s all come together and respect landowners by staying on marked trails.
It’s the least we can do in exchange for their generosity each season.

Trail Ride App

We don’t advertise for free here..but this is a free app.

Polaris Ride Command ..is a free app

We used it several times..you can add buddies and track..and so much more.

You can drill down to see better detail.

The screen shot shows my recorded trip of about 140 K round trip in blue overlapping the black trail….going north from the Cove near Mactier.,




Grooming Information MLSTA Muskoka

Received some  updated information from Rene’ to answer recent question.

The MLSTA has 3 qualified drivers and a few in heavy training.  The job is tireless can be dangerous and just hard work dealing with beaver dams and brush.    Once the initial trail is down (again) they can start grooming from 4 PM to 8 AM.  every day!  Many of the groomer operators have full time jobs making it more difficult.

Most of the trails should be done by the weekend  This Friday Feb. 3 and team will be out measuring ice thickness on Brandy Lake and Silver Lake on the MLSTA trails.   Things look pretty good so we will probably stake them as well.

This is going to be a long hard week for our groomer operators..

MOTHER NATURE!!!!  Our sleds are sick of this warm just sitting view..!!!



Not Exactly A Trail Ride

Two Things


Trails are still closed in the MLSTA area due to standing ponds…if you want to take a short Muskoka zip and eat…….you may be able to at Bracebridge Yamaha Demo rides…

January 14th between 10-4 to try out the 2017 Yamaha line-up of snowmobiles.
You must bring with you proper riding gear; helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots, etc. as well as a valid licence.

Coffee, timbits, hotdogs, sausages and burgers will be available throughout the day.













Update Steve`s post for Sunday Jan 15

The order of the day is to do some brushing from the trail at Young’s Road in Glen Orchard south to the Bob Kenwright Memorial Trail in Bala. We hope that the cold weather coming on Friday will help to tighten up the swamps and make the day more manageable. Looking forward to seeing some of you….


MSR Reply

We had a good question, on a recent post,  regarding riding trails while they are closed.

So..I contacted the Muskoka Snowmobile Region (MSR) and got this reply:

The question was… from memory..”no insurance while trails are closed..what about landowners insurance”.


Regardless of if the trail is listed closed, limited or open, the landowner always has coverage.

The difference is, when a trail is listed closed for riding…anyone who is on that property is trespassing and can be charged with such.

So, it’s not just the insurance coverage that covers the landowner/land, there is also the ability to charge someone for being there.

Go Snowmobiling

Go Snowmobiling