Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Information

The M.L.S.T.A.  would like to keep you all up to date as to which trails in our system will be “OPEN” for riding this Family Day weekend. Trail C101D from Southwood Road to the “C” Trail Junction is open for “LIMITED” riding as well as Trail 17 to Nine Mile Lake. Also open for “LIMITED” riding is “C” trail from the C101D junction south to B105. Access to Bala is also ” OPEN – LIMITED” using C114 from the junction of C101D. We are planning to try to open “C” Trail north from Ragged Rapids Road North to the Moon River Bridge on Saturday so if you are traveling in that area please be on the look out for our groomer which will be clearing trees and packing the trail.

The trails that are “CLOSED” are C114 North to Glen Orchard where it meets C102D. C102D is “CLOSED” from this junction in both directions. This means that going North to MacTier and East to Port Carling and Brandy Lake all trails are “CLOSED”.

Unfortunately we do have a number of closed trails. However we have done our utmost to get as many trails open as we can. There is still a lot of pretty good riding in our area and we hope you get to enjoy the trails. For the trails listed asCLOSED”, we ask you to please not go on any of them for any reason! Remember, traveling over an unopened trail means you have NO TRAIL INSURANCE coverage and you could be charged with TRESSPASSING! We ask for your continued cooperation and enjoy the little of winter we have remaining!


Rene’ Leenaars – PRES. MLSTA



Brandy Lake Work

I just want to send out a HUGE “Thank You” to the three guys, Sean Roberts, John Walsh and Tony Molica who showed up at 9:00am on Saturday morning (having fight their way through 5″ of freshly fallen wet snow) to help do some tree removal on only 24 hours notice and no machinery to assist !  The day was a huge success as we were able to remove about 40 trees to widen a section of C102D. About 28 trees were the normal 10″-12″ in diameter but the rest were anywhere up to 20″ and a few even larger! A great job done safely and expediently.

We now have another section that the Husky will be able to get through without banging up the protection cage around the cab. Next Saturday, weather permitting, I would like to again get a small crew together for and get another section widened out as well. As long as we are not yet able to sled, we may as well get as much widening done as possible. This will allow us to move through the trails with the groomer at a much faster rate allowing us to do more trail every night! If anyone can help out please let me know and I will start planning where we will go.

Thanks, and pray for COLD weather and then SNOW!!!!

Rene’ Leenaars


Muskoka Snowmobile Trail Update

Hello everyone, I must apologize for not up dating everyone on the trail conditions over the last few weeks but I have been more concerned with getting all our trails packed and opened. As of last Friday we had all our trails listed as “LIMITED” on the OFSC interactive trail guide. The first week there was so much snow it was next to impossible to get a groomer through. If you saw a few of the photos on Facebook showing Rainer standing beside the machine you will know what I am talking about. The Husky had it’s blade all the way up and was still pushing about 30′ od snow in front of it. The snow was coming up the windshield and was about a foot over the tracks as it was trying to get through. This made the job very slow and more tedious than usual. After the weekend, and the snow had finally started to settle, the job began to go easier everyday. We were able to get our system totally open and running for the weekend. The trails are not great yet but at least we were able to have a system that you could all ride and start to get the “itch” out of your system!

This past weekend we had to dig out Centaur trailer out of the snow at the Foodland in Port Carling. I want to thank Steve Long and Steve Elliott and a couple of their buddies for showing up on a very cold Saturday morning (and hung over) to help me get her out. Right now  we have to corduroy a couple of sections on the trails that are being washed out by streams. This is a huge job for the very small three man crew we have. We need help this weekend to do this job. We need as many volunteers as we can get in order to complete at least one section. The job will take the whole day. I know many of you want to ride, and I can appreciate that, but unless we get this done we will not be able to put a drag on those trails. Depending on the amount of help we get, will determine which one we will tackle first. Please help us out, it benefits all of us and makes sledding a lot safer. If you can help out I need to know by Thursday morning at the latest so that we can get everything organized. There will be trees to cut and move into place. Fire hose will need to be nailed into place to hold the timbers together. We will have the groomer there to help move the timbers from where we cut them to where we are going to install them.

We will require help on a few more days as well as the season progresses. Please find time to help. If it was not for our volunteers we would not have much of a system to ride.

That’s it for now and I hope you all have a great sleddin season!!!
See you on the trails,

Port Carling Bridges

Hello everyone, just a short up date on the Port Carling bridges. We had a great turn out of volunteers last Saturday and the installation of the rubber mats and railings went very smooth and quick. Terry Grant brought his little Kabota loader and we were able to pick the mats up, one at a time, and take them right out to the spot they were going to be rolled out. Thanks for the help Terry, sure made the job easier.
This coming Saturday I would like to do some brushing along side Medorra Lake Road just north of Bala. If we can get 3 or 4 guys I will get a couple of extra brush cutters and we could do the entire section in a couple of hours. Please e-mail me if you can help by Thursday night so I have time to arrange for the extra brusher units.
We have a few major tree removal to do on some of our trails to make more room for the groomer to go through. We also have to build some new corduroy trail sections to allow us to get across some wet areas that have been plaguing us for some years now. If we don’t get much snow we would like to do these projects between Christmas and New Year. Many of you have indicated you would be around during that time so this would be the ideal time to tackle these jobs. Onee of our club members has offered to bring his log skidder during this period and help out as well. This would really make the job easier. Let’s hope we can get this all organized and make it happen. This will all depend on you, our volunteers.
Again, THANKS for your help the last two Saturdays and hope to see you all real soon. we are on a roll and I would like to keep it going!!! Take advantage of the “no snow” situation as much as possible. Once the snow hits, we all want to RIDE!!!!



Trail Work Muskoka 2014

A big “THANKS” goes out to the brave guys, Terry Grant, Steve Elliott, Gary Quaife, Greg Frangakis and Roy Oakley who came to help build a new bridge on C101D. It rained on and off for the better part of the day but no one was willing to call it quits. The brushing went very well and I think Greg and Steve are now very qualified brushers! I have attached a few pictures of the event for your viewing. I would like to again ask for help to do more trail brushing and tree removal this coming Saturday. If you are able to help out please e-mail me back ASAP so  can schedule the work to be done. As was evident last Saturday, many hands do make light work. Thanks again guys!!

Rene’ Leenaars

Some of the pictures may double up on FB ..Steve Elliott did a great job of uploading the weekends work.

01 02 03 04 05 06 08 09


Adam Scott helps out Muskoka Snowmobile Club MLSTA

I everyone, the snow under the Railway bridge was single-handedly removed by Adam Scott on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon this past week. Great job by a volunteer no one ever seems to see around. He is like another guy we have (Brian Henning) that looks after staking Nine Mile Lake every year. One day you go out there and it’s done! Many, many thanks!

I Just got word that I can pick up the brusher on Friday so I am hoping to get a few guys to follow along behind to help clean up the surplus branches on the trail. I am planning to start at Port Carling Foodland on Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Please let me know who will be coming so I can plan the route. The later start should allow those coming a bit of extra time to meet on their sleds. Please e-mail or call to let me.

See you there Saturday morning,



Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Repair

Report From Roy

Hi: we where on C trail,north of raged rapids rd. The big guy is Steve Long.

Not too many big trees on trail,just a lot of smaller stuff. Water holes are bad we had to winch a lot.  Got stopped by a really big one,over 100 feet long,will have to find a way to get by to finish the trail.

Gary is going to try to finish c trail out to the moon,I will try to get more pic’s..

The guys that helped out were Gary Quaife, Dan Vatcher, Steve Elliott and Steve Long and Rene Leenaars.

They had  great day in the bush!


Nov 7 B Nov 7 C Nov 7 D Nov 7 E Nov 7 F Nov 7A

Fixing Trail .. Nine Mile Lake Rd Muskoka

The landowner of this section of trail required us to install one new gate and repair the existing one at the end on Nine Mile Lake Rd. in order to get continued use of this trail. It was supposed to rain but thank heavens it held off. We walked the excavator in carrying the new gate about 2 km. Gary Quaife and Dan Vatcher each rode their 4 wheelers in dragging the posts that were required. There were many low spots along the trail and plenty of mud. Got the 4 wheelers stuck a few times but with the sun shinning and the warm weather it was not a bad job getting them out. I had volunteered to pull them out with the excavator but the guys wanted no part of that! They insisted that they could get themselves out ok. This made for a fun time watching from the dry seat of the excavator. Work went very well and we had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the going’s on of the day.

Oct 17 Oct 17b Oct d Octc

Muskoka Sled Trail …Fall Clearing

Report on recent trail work near Port Carling Muskoka.

The weather was very overcast and threatening rain but Mike Webb, Steve Long and myself decided to head out regardless. We knew there was a lot to do and so decided on a section running along the side of Medorra Lake Road, in case we had to bail due to rain. Once we got started the rain did as well. Luckily it only lasted for a short time and we trudged on. The brush along this 1.5 km. of trail is probably the worst on any of our trails. With the sweat running off our foreheads and arms that were getting tired, Mike motivated us onward with a steady supply of gas to keep the machines going. We persisted on and within a few more hours we were done! With the trail as well as ourselves. Off to a late lunch at Glen Orchard Store and from there we headed home for some much needed rest. None of us are as young as we like to think we are!

Next Clearing Day

I am hoping to get a few guys together for Sat. October 12 to take a run out “C” trail to Moon River and do some brushing and clearing as well.


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5